Different diamond cuts and how to pick


Everyone loves sparkly diamonds. They come in all shapes and sizes. But do you know what gives it the sparkle? It’s the cut. When light falls on the cut of a diamond, it reflects, and the reflection falls on another facet creating more flashes of light inside the diamond. Even the slightest ray of light can do this. That’s why diamonds sparkle even in darkness. Are you curious to know more about the cuts of diamonds? Let us take to the world of diamond cuts, and by the end of it, you will be able to pick the proper cut for you.

All you want to know about Diamond cuts

Cuts enhance the brilliance of the diamond and impart character to it. Here are the most demanded diamond cuts:

  • Round cut: The classic and glimmering round cut diamonds are perfect on all ornaments. It is cut brilliantly to make fifty-eight facets giving the diamond its sparkle. A round-cut diamond is ideal for an engagement ring. It reflects the classy and elegant side of the person wearing it. So, when you plan to propose to your partner, don’t hesitate to buy a round cut ring.
  • Emerald cut: The modern and stylish emerald cuts make you stand out on any occasion. It is widely accepted for its quality and purity. It is finely cut to give it a smooth finish. Emerald cuts, also known as layered cuts, add glamour to your attire. So, buy your daughter or sister an Emerald cut diamond on her best day. Let her sparkle.
  • Princess cut: The perfect square princess cut diamonds are crafted for all the bold and beautiful souls out there. Unlike round-cut diamonds, they reflect colours. Be it a pendant or a ring, it fits nicely in the metal and gives the ornament an elegant look. For its perfect square shape, it is a beautiful choice for gifting. Surprise your mother with a princess cut diamond for her next birthday. Check on the new gift collection by Kaizarin that fits your budget.
  • Radiant Cut: Radian cut brings out the diva in every woman. It is symmetrical and has seventy facets making it glimmer more in the light. It is pure as the Emerald cuts and sparkly as round cuts. It reflects a young and dynamic personality and fits perfectly for a pendant. Gift yourself a radiant cut pendant for your next achievement.
  • Oval cut: This is a trendy and elegant cut that catches every eye. It adds emotion to the occasion and is best seen in earrings and bracelets. It is sparkly as the round cuts. Buy it for the love of your life. You won’t regret that.
  • Cushion cut: Cushion cuts are known for their charm and fire. Cushion cut, also known as the pillow cut, has that beautiful square shape of princess cut but with curvy edges. Like the most popular round cut, it also has fifty-eight facets but has a larger surface area, producing colourful sparkles. And It is symmetrical like a radiant cut. It has the best features of all the three famous cuts making it suitable for any occasion.
  • Asscher cut: It is a vintage cut that takes us back on a retro ride. It is square and is ideal for any grand event where you want to stand out. The facets are cut in a beautiful way giving it the glory it holds. Every woman deserves an Asscher, so buy yourself one if you don’t have it yet.


Pick the Best

Always remember diamonds are not just for the occasion, but eternity. It is an asset that can be passed on to generations.  Kaizarin can walk you through the collection that will reflect your perfect needs not just guide you through the cut, but also the colour, clarity and size according to your budget. Or pick the one that reflects you from the Kaizarin collection today and pass it on for generations.