There’s nothing that I enjoy more than the challenge of doing justice to my clients’ envisagement of a uniquely designed piece of jewellery. My bespoke design service goes beyond the generic, and far past the mass produced – for an item that, in every way, belongs to you.

Ideas and Inspiration:

We begin with a Conversation, to identify and discuss what your requirements and needs are for your commissioned piece of Jewellery. The means of Conversation is solely at your discretion; we would do everything in a power to meet and reciprocate the initial conversation and idea generation stage.
Should you have a set idea, concept and budget in-mind, that is very much welcome, if not, we will work with you to identify and propose something pragmatic. We will guide you through the process and work together to establish the first stage of the bespoke process, until both parties are truly happy and sign it off to the next stage.

Bring Your Bespoke Design to Life

Should you wish to carry-on from the first stage, we would request a 50% deposit to move on to “bringing your idea to life.” We’ll then send over an invoice along-side artwork/ concept drawings of the chosen design with its relevant specs.
Should there be any changes required, we would move swiftly to rectify such immediately.

Signing off your Bespoke Design

After all amendments made from stage 2, we will send over final designs, identifying amendments. A signed off process begins and we will start making your design.

Sourcing Minerals and Handcrafting Your piece in London and Our Specialist Artisan in India.

Kaizarin works closely with experience and trusted artisan in India with over 20 years of experience to produce your final piece, a truly globalised process of developing and perfecting your Bespoke creation.

The Big Reveal

Your finished design wrapped and package in our beautifully designed packaging, waiting for you to pick-up. Only at this stage do we request the remaining 50%. We’re open to meeting any packaging design needs or postage — an additional charge may be applicable depending on your requirement. Your exciting journey ends with a your receiving your Bespoke design jewellery of your choice.