Rings for Men: A Brief Guide on How Men Can Wear Rings

While decorative rings are a part of the jewellery trend among women for ages, men often stick to wedding rings only. The small percentage of men who do wear rings is due to some personal significance: a family crest, a class ring, or a Masonic seal. At last, there are a few who would wear decorative rings for style and fashion. One primary reason for this unpopular trend is because most men feel nervous about accessorising.

Fortunately, the tide is turning slowly, with men coming out of their shell to try new styles and, of course, rings.

So, we bring you a brief and straightforward guide on how you can wear rings for those men who want to experiment.

Which ring on which finger?

There is no hard-and-fast rule on which finger you should wear your ring. Still, some traditional and cultural conventions have existed for centuries.

The little finger

Traditionally, men wore signet rings on their little finger to sign official and legal documents. They would press the ring face on hot wax and create a remarkable seal. Since then, we have come a long way, and today, we have cheap ballpoint pens and self-sealing envelopes to do the job. Today, men use their pinky fingers to wear college rings or club rings that showcase ornate patterns or seals.

The ring finger

As the name goes, the fourth finger is the one on which men wear their only ring: the wedding ring. Most men wear their wedding rings on the left hand in the UK and US, but in Eastern Europe and other conservative traditions, you’ll see them on the right. However, you can wear your wedding ring on whichever finger feels comfortable.

The core relationship between the ring finger and the wedding band is supposedly based on the presumption that the vena amoris (unbroken vein) connects the finger directly to the heart. 

Although the idea is romantic, there is no truth in it since all the veins in your hands are nearly the same.

The middle finger

When it comes to the middle finger, there are no traditional or customary norms attached to it. So, you can relax about what people will think about you. Plus, you can wear any ring you like, given that it is of decent size since the middle finger is the largest finger on your hand. 

Meanwhile, the ring shouldn’t be that big due to its proximity to the index finger that is quite active. With the two fingers being so close together, you might feel a little awkward while working.

The index finger

Historically, people used to wear the most prominent ring on the most “pointy” finger: a signet ring with a family crest. These days, a signet ring on the index finger is rarer than one on the pinky finger. You can wear a ring on it without worrying about a family crest and still make a style statement. Just make sure to point at things once or twice!

The thumb

The thumb is still considered an unusual finger to wear a ring in the US. Still, the trend is slowly changing, and you can add to that change. Since your thumb is big and chubby, you will need a big ring, and that means you can easily make a statement and stand out from the crowd. All you need to do is make sure there is space between two rings.

Common ring styles

Wedding bands

Although wedding bands for both partners are typical today, it was not until the Second World War that men started to wear them. Until then, only wives flaunted a wedding ring, and it is more about patriarchy at that time. A wedding ring on a woman’s finger at that time signified that she has a man who can look after her and her children were licit. Once the war started, men wore rings made from non-precious metals to remind them who they were fighting for overseas. Yet, the jewellery trend did not set in until the 1960s.

Signet Rings

Signet rings are pretty ancient when it comes to all the rings. These rings were engraved with a family crest and used to seal letters with wax that showed who had sent it. Signet rings signified traditional family heirlooms, and they are still passed down with various families. That does not mean you cannot wear them if you do not have one in your family.

Fashion Rings

Apart from signet and wedding rings, some men wear rings due to traditions that are without aesthetic value but are extremely rare. What that means is everything else comes under ‘fashion’. Any ring that you wear because you like how they look and does not have any traditional value is a fashion ring.


Rings are fun and stylish add-ons as an accessory for your wardrobe. You could wear a single ring on one finger or wear multiple and even stack them on one another. The choice is yours. If you feel inspired and motivated by this blog and want to check out some unique rings for men, check out our exclusive collection on Kaizarin. We offer high-quality jewellery at the best price and ensure top-notch customer service.