Tips for men to buy jewellery for women

Men can do many things well, but buying jewellery for a woman in their life terrifies them. What if you buy a piece of jewellery and your lady does not like it? That is one moment no man wants to experience. Heck! Men struggle to buy jewellery for themselves, so how good can they be with women’s jewellery? We understand your dilemma and are here to help you!


Here are some valuable tips on how to buy the right jewellery for your special someone.

Checkout her current jewellery style

Your hunt for the ideal jewellery gift for her starts by looking at her current jewellery style. Look closely at the jewellery she wears: what does she wear with her office attire? Does she wear it small and subtle or big and loud? Does she wear silver/platinum colour metals or yellow ones?

Something sentimental

Always look for something that has sentimental value and a personal touch to it. A jewellery gift with a personal history attached to it will show the lady that you put some effort into it. Some men fall for the flashy jewellery adverts and buy something that is nothing better than the cutlery set in your kitchen cabinet. Jewellery items like her birthstone symbolise her birth month, or a heart-shaped necklace is also a romantic idea, while initialed or personalised jewellery is always a winner!

Her best friend to the rescue

A woman’s best friend is one person who knows her more than you will ever. It’s a fact! So, if you want to gift the love of your life a beautiful piece of jewellery, head straight to her best friend’s place. Since they have spent so much time together, she can tell you precisely what is liked or despised. When you’re in doubt about your decision, it is always better to ask another person’s input.

Listen to her

Something that you should always do and not just for gift-buying purposes- Women like a man who listens to them – that will be the most precious gift you can give your partner. Coming back to jewellery, women generally lack subtlety when describing what they like and what they don’t. You can pick from her tones when you talk about jewellery. Keep an open eye during jewellery window shopping with her or looking through an online store.

Concluding note

There you go! These were some practical and effective tips when it comes to buying jewellery for your woman. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery, you should head to our Kaizarin online jewellery store right now. We have a May sale here and are offering a 10% discount on everything on our site. All you have to do is use the code: Specially10. What’s more? We have just added to our exclusive range of men’s jewellery. Good luck!